Li Bao Ge Group Limited

HKEX 01869
Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2017 ...
Organization Profile

The Group is a Chinese restaurant group recognised for delivering Cantonese cuisine and Chinese banquet and dining services. As at the Latest Practicable Date, the Group operated four full-service restaurants in Hong Kong and two full-service restaurants in Shenzhen, the PRC to provide Cantonese cuisine under the brand name of "Star of Canton (利寶閣 )".

The Group also opened a Jingchuanhu cuisine restaurant in Hong Kong under a new brand name of "Beijing House (京香閣 )". All of the Group's restaurants are strategically situated in landmark shopping arcades or commercial complexes at prime locations.

The Group maintains a business philosophy of offering quality food and services at reasonable prices under an elegant and comfortable dining environment.

As part of the Group's strategic move, we established a new restaurant, namely La Maison D'Elephant (the "Thai Restaurant"), which is located at Ping An International Finance Centre, a landmark building in Futian District, Shenzhen in January 2018. The Group, through establishing this new restaurant which specialises in serving Thai cuisine, wishes to diversify its restaurant business and customer base as well as to expand its market share in the PRC.

CSR Mission

The Group attributes the growth and success to its dedication to offering quality food and services to the customers. While striving for performance, the Group pursues business sustainability by being a responsible corporate citizen and is committed to maintaining high standards of business practices in relation to environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance.

Community Involvement

We continue to care for and serve the elderly in Hong Kong. The Group provides certain services and facilities attentive to the elderly needs. The Group also provides relevant trainings to increase employees’ awareness and knowledge in this aspect.

The Group is aware that the elderly have increasingly become socially isolated in their lives. To help them build a sense of belonging in the community, in 2017 the Group organized and invited the elderly to have free meals together at its restaurants.

These activities and events have encouraged our staff and families to care for the elderly and promoted our caring culture in the society. In 2017 we donated RMB20,000 to a charity body (深圳市福田區慈善會) in Shenzhen.

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